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At Tender Care Pediatrics, we treat your children like our own by providing the highly accessible, top-quality primary care your family deserves from your baby’s first day well into adolescence. Our board certified pediatricians and friendly, experienced staff are dedicated to the health of your family, and our mission is to provide care that is comprehensive, family centered, compassionate and culturally sensitive.

At Tender Care, your child is so much more than a medical file - they are the reason our practice exists. Come see how our commitment to your children makes us different. When we say that we treat your children like our own, we mean it… when you talk, we listen and when it’s time to act, we’re on your side.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!
  • Expecting

    Meet your doctor BEFORE you welcome the newest family member…
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  • Ages & Stages

    What to expect, and how TENDER CARE can help…
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  • Shot Schedule

    The WHAT and WHEN of keeping your child safe and healthy.
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Make An Appointment...
Our office hours and after hours communication systems are designed to provide enhanced access and peace of mind. To schedule an appointment, call 586.749.4444 and speak with our helpful staff.

Insurance Participation: We participate with many insurance companies. Please call our office for a complete list and payment details.
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Office Hours
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9:00AM - 5:30PM
[Closed for lunch from Noon to 1:00PM]

Wednesdays Noon - 7:00PM

Office Phone: 586.749.4444
After Hours: 586.914.0032
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If this is an emergency, please dial 911. Otherwise, please call our office promptly so a doctor can help determine the course of action that will best serve your child. If you have an emergency when the office is closed, call 586.914.0032 to contact the on-call physician after hours.

Hospital Affiliations:
St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit
Beaumont, Grosse Pointe

58115 Main Street
New Haven, MI 48048-2686
Kids We Love Them
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Ages & Stages
Children pass through a variety of ages and stages. For information and advice about all of the common issues and milestones that you may face as your child grows, you can rely on the Tender Care Pediatrics team.
Feel confident about daily (and middle-of-the-night) care. Learn routine care tips from nutrition and sleep management to baby proofing, including health recommendations and what to expect from the growth and development of the newest member of your family. TOP »
Gather vital information as your baby’s personality and abilities blossom. Review typical milestones during wellness visits and learn what to do when sickness strikes. From the daily evolution of nutrition and sleep habits to what to do in cases where special needs present themselves, discuss it all with your Tender Care professionals. TOP »
From temper tantrums to choosing a daycare, get all the information you need. Keep up with your toddler’s achievements and needs with regular well visits and smooth sick visits that foster a confident relationship between your child and their health care professionals. Throughout the many transitions your toddler will face, from giving up the pacifier to the bumps and spills that come with the toddler territory, Tender Care is there for you. TOP »
The pre-teen period is one of transition, when your child will try on many different behaviors. Know that your pre-teen’s overall health and athletic needs will be met by working with the Tender Care team to keep your growing child in top shape. TOP »
Your child takes many steps on the road to adulthood, so from routine school and sports examinations and symptom management to the challenges of puberty, Tender Care Pediatrics is committed to supporting parents and their teens as families navigate the road to health and happiness. TOP »
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Infants »

Toddlers »

Pre-Teens »

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